Ask-Ali Story

Ask-Ali Story

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Ali’s Heros

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Ask-Ali Story

Welcome old travelers and new ones to the UAE Travel Information page. I'm your UAE friend. I have passion for knowledge and increasing awareness of my beloved country and share it to the world, so ask me anything and I shall answer with care. I created this site to share knowledge and educate you about the UAE.

You will also find General Travel Tips, Travel Seasons in UAE, Traditions and Culture, Weather, Your Entry Visa, Health, Hotels, Bus Schedules, Transportation in General and useful UAE Maps. There are also sections about UAE's History, Mosques of UAE, Famous Buildings and Infrastructures and other Famous Sites. You will also find UAE Archeology News, Travel Tips, Tour Programs and much more.

Here you will find all the information and travel tips you will need to have a successful visit and stay in UAE. So, if you are thinking about visiting UAE, read my pages and hopefully they will give you the proper travel advice for your trip, as well as providing you with all the information to make your trip more hassle free.

Who is Ali?

Words from Ali:

Creativity is my signature and passion is my fuel. My strong sense of identity is what drives me. I believe in pushing myself to my personal limits and beyond. Creative talent is a gift that is inspired by people and environment, and in turn, can inspire people and our environment. Be aware, energize yourself by your surroundings, and keep creating.

Alis Bio:

Ali Alsaloom is an Emirati National from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, who has chosen to live his life differently than most. From an early age, Ali's passion for travel and his interest in cultural studies was ignited by his opportunity to travel with his father, an academic and avid traveler. In the years to follow, Ali embraced new cultures and languages such as English, South Korean and German.

Ali is a live-wire presenter with a personal style that is both deep rooted in the Arabic culture and at the same time, open-minded. He is a gripping speaker, who delivers with passion, ease and expertise. His in-depth cultural and religious awareness gives him a distinctive insight into Gulf culture, which he applies to every project he undertakes.

A University of Central Florida Hospitality Management & Tourism graduate, Ali pursued many areas of the tourism industry while living in the USA, including launching a unique Middle Eastern themed restaurant in Orlando, Florida.
While pursuing his MBA in Brand Management from Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada, Ali lectured colleagues on Cross Culture Management. Dr. Franklin Ramsoomair, the professor with whom he most closely worked described Ali’s Endeavour as, “…nothing short of spellbinding. Ali puts both heart and soul into whatever he does and the hard work required in preparation shows in the final product. I would class Ali as one of the top five students with whom I have worked, out of a total of approximately 8,000 students whom I have seen.”

Ali has worked with the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority's MICE department. His strong connection to his country's history and culture has given him the expertise to be a specialist tour guide to VIP guests on exclusive tours. Ali’s charm and humor build instant rapport with everyone he interacts.

Ali has applied his Brand Management skills in the world of Advertising and Marketing, where he develops strategies and ad campaigns, creates corporate websites, and is a consultant to various corporations and organizations.

Currently, Ali’s enthusiasm to share his cultural insights and acquaint people with his regions social, business and cultural environment has resulted in, no prizes for guessing, and the Ask-Ali online UAE information portal. Ali’s omnibus corporate identity – Maestro Commercial Enterprises has recently launched OneTVO online business TV in partnership with world authority speaker and businessman Reg Athwal.

Ali’s Personal Quotes:

1- "I no longer work, I create."

2- "The ultimate level of respect is appreciation, without acceptance you cannot


3- “Be a Pioneer or Disappear”

Who needs to ask?

Everyone that is interested in the Arabian Culture.

Everyone who is visiting the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East in General.

Everyone who wants to ask the Local people of this region and get an authentic answer.

Why Ask-Ali?

Ali is from the United Arab Emirates.
Ali traveled over 20 countries in the world.
Ali lived in Hungry, France, United Kingdom, Spain, United States, & Canada.
Asking questions helps you feel comfortable about your relationship with others from different background and cultures.
You don't need to feel rushed or embarrassed if you don't understand something.
You are not alone if you find things confusing at times.
We all need to live in peace and communication is the number one challenge and therefore, we all take the positions of being ambassadors to spread the knowledge about each other.


As a Tourist you probably have some concerns about the destination that you are coming to visit and will enjoy your time at.
As a visitor to the UAE, you are probably wondering what is available for you to visit and experience. What are the main and must see attractions in the UAE.


As a business man you probably would like to know the protocol standards of doing a business in the UAE and the Arab World.
As a business traveler you want to know the key success elements that can help you penetrate the Gulf business market with confidence and full understanding of the dos and donts that are important to know for your business.


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About UAE

UAE - United Arab Emirates is a constitutional federation of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah. Abu Dhabi is the capital and largest city of the UAE federation, which was formally established on 2 December 1971.